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Frequent Questions

What can you help me with?

We can assist with many aspects of software development. Preparing cost analysis, establishing team roles, creating roadmaps. Defining business goals, key business values, target users, main features, and priorities. We can assist you with creating user personas, mock-ups, user stories, establishing project status and preparing a project estimation. We'll be happy to outline project specifications, prepare wireframes, details concerning integration with external services and API documentation.

How do I create a product with you?

If you have an idea for a new software product, contact us by our online form, e-mail or phone.  Just be sure to prepare as much background information  about your idea as possible. We'll get in touch.

What do I need to know before contacting you?

The most important thing to know is what do you want to accomplish. Why do you need the software? What business problem does it address? What should it do? Having a clear vision in mind is crucial when developing a software application.

How long will it take to build?

To provide an answer to this question we need to prepare a project scope and create a budget. We will advise how much of the project scope can be completed within your allocated budget and we'll be able to estimate how long it will take.

How do you ensure product quality?

We break development down into two week cycles, known as sprints.  We conduct  development and acceptance tests and involve you throughout the process. Your feedback is reviewed to ensure the software is aligned to your business objectives and quality targets.

How can I be sure of the time spent on my project?

We plan each two week development sprint in advance, which we enter into our agile planning tool. We use time tracking  software such as Harvest and Redmine to track time spent on your project.

What happens after you finish my app?

Apart from delivering a finished software product, we are happy to provide you with technical support and application  maintenance should you need it.

Can the software be upgraded in the future as new technology becomes available?

Yes. We are always happy to improve, upgrade and further develop your software to take advantage of new technologies.

What if I come to you with an existing product that I want to improve?

We’ll be happy to help you with that. From a user interface audit (if applicable) through to improving your system architecture and adding new features. We can assist.

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